Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

About the presentation given a few days ago

A few days ago, there was a meeting at graduate school. All the master course students and professors were present. The students gave a presentation about their thesis and the professors gave comments and advice. The students have to further their research according to them. So it is of a critical importance.

My presentation was met with somewhat harsh criticism. The most unfavourable comment I received was that what I was intending to do was not clear. I had got comments to this effect several times before. So I had been trying to make it clear. For all these efforts it was obscure in the eye of the professor. Though when he offered the comment, one of the other professors laughed and said, "He talked and wrote about it in the very beginning," I think I should clarify it even further.

What is great about this kind of presentation is that you can know about other students' research and their relationship with their own supervisor. One of them, who I believe is the most promising of us all, was criticised bitterly on the grounds that he was trying to do what a student could not do in a master dissertation. When his supervisor heard this criticism, he told us that in spite of his many attempts to lead him to proceed in another direction, he (the student) persisted. He added that the student said he wanted to write what he wanted to write. This remark was surprising to me because so many days had passed since I ceased to believe in the value of what I wanted to write that I only meant to write what I had to write. I am looking forward to seeing what he will do eventually with his dissertation.