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An unforgettable exhibition (324 words)

When I was twenty, I made it a rule to go to as many exhibitions as possible. I don’t remeber why I started to do this. Maybe it was only because I had so much time to kill and so little to do. 

Of the exhibitions that I visited, there is one that I think I will never forget. It featured a Japanese artist, Leonard Foujita. I had not known him before, but his somewhat queer appearance attracted me. If you are not sure what I mean, just google his name, and you will see his eccentric combination of the hairstyle, the glasses, and the moustache.

There are two reasons why I cannot forget his exhibition. The first reason is a huge painting titled Combat. I was first impressed by its size. But when I stood in front of it, it was its details that caught my attention. Every one of them appeared to me to be worth studying for a while. I remember standing and studying the picture for more than one hour. While I was in front of it, I was trying to grasp why he painted it, how exhausted he must have been to paint such a large painting, and what I was feeling about it. I was not able to put my feelings into words. But I can call them up when I think of the picture. They were so intense.

The second reason was how the exhibition was arranged. It was so arranged that the visitors could retrace his life in the chronological order through observing and understanding the changes his paintings underwent. As I was not certain how I should live my life, it was inspiring to see how a world-famous painter cultivated himself and what effort he made.

All in all, it was the exhibition that told me that it gives you a chance not only to appreciate works of art but also to know an artist.