Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

Changing my environment (398 words)

I am faced with a difficulty now. I can't manage my work. Let's see what I usually have to do now. First, I have a part-time job. It is beginning to be demanding. From the last March on, I am something of a manager of the other part-time teachers of English. So I have to do the management as well as giving lessons to my students. Second, I also work as a teaching assistant at a college. The class begins early in the morning, so it sometimes wearies me. The last but not least (rather, it is the most important of all), I have a dissertation to submit next January. I am supposed to write about 80,000 letters in Japanese. My supervisor says, "You have to begin writing as early as you can. Also, you need to form a habit of writing every day." So, I have wanted to get into this habit, but I was met with a series of failures.

Then, I read a book, as a part of my research, about B. F. Skinner, a legendary psychologist who is as famous and influential as Sigmund Freud. His research is based on the assumption that how we behave is determined by the environment we are placed in. Basically, what he did was to change a factor in an animal's environment, and see how its behaviour would change. He wrote enormously. The book I read told me that he did this with ease, Why was he able to do so? Because he didn't hesitate to apply what he had found to his own behaviour and environment. He is said to have done research on himself in order to write constantly. He examined on what condition he could keep on writing or he would procrastinate and modified his environment accordingly. 

This anecdote had a huge impact on me. I began to do the experiment on myself recently. It revealed that when there is no electronic device, such as my laptop or my smartphone, near around me, I can resist the urge to browse the Internet, which I had almost given up the hope of resisting. So I make it a rule to put the laptop on the furthest bookshelf from my desk and the smartphone on the bed when I study. As I do more of the research, I will make more modifications and see how they work.