Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

Encouragement (Grammarlyによると、単語数350 読みやすさスコア76 ランク98)



There are videos that were encouraging to me. For example, i was in the habit of watching a video of a speech. The speaker, who is an admiral of the United States Navy, says that if you want to achieve something big, you should start by making your bed every morning. He adds that bed making will give you a sense of pride and that this pride will encourage you to do task after task. I wasn't impressed by this remark of his. But what I do find impressing was the reminder that if you want to achieve something big, you have to take care of little things. Little things matter. I said this to myself when I walked home from work. There is another video that gave me solace. It is a video about a philosophical school called Stoicism. Stoics are said by the speaker to have been both a pessimist and an optimist. The thoughts they have handed down to the present day seem to me to reflect a realization that life can be horrendous but that we must and can get through it. Such videos were so encouraging that I listened to the audio every time I felt discouraged. 

But they are no longer the source of encouragement. I don't feel the kind of excitement I felt when I watched it. I don't know exactly why but I guess it is because my life has gotten even busier. So I find myself nowadays seeking more practical advice than that which the videos used to give me. I have been able to find none, but I feel I must waste none of my time, or at least as little time as possible. The time I would often spend watching the encouragement videos has now become the time to listen to audio lessons of French and German, the two languages which will be of far more significance than making my bed. How I feel about things can change easily according to how busy I am. This fact may be regrettable, but it seems that I don't have time to regret it.