Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

Wearing a beard in Japan

I wear a beard. It is liable to cause some people a problem, for two women asked me recently why I began to wear one. Odd as it may sound, in spite of the fact that it was they who asked me, they gave me answers to the question. One of them said, “Do you want to look older so that people will respect you more?” The other said, “Did you think the beard will make you look higher in rank, more majestic-looking?” Neither of the answers is true. It is only because I want to save myself the trouble of shaving clean every day that I decided to wear a beard.

As Bertrand Russell says, humans have a tendency for intention. That is, they are inclined to think there is an intention behind every influence they receive. He made fun of this and said that we humans can believe that the God has made rabbits furry in order for there to be something for hunters to shoot at. My beard gave one of the two women an impression that it made me look older, and for the other it made me look majestic. But there is no intention behind these impressions.