Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

The pleasure of learning English (final part)

In the previous parts, it was discovered that the pleasure of learning English is the pleasure of feeling connected to the outside world. It follows from this that the pleasure of learning English disappears as we learn more and more.

But now, I believe this conclusion is too simple. Of course, the more I learn about English, the easier it appears to me to understand it. However, it is just an appearance. Therefore, one cannot draw the conclusion from it that one understands it well.  It might well be that I only believe in my comprehension skills though in fact it is not reliable and I don't understand English well. For example, I encountered today the phrase "go for a change of air." At first, I thought it means going outside to have a break. But when I looked it up in a dictionary , I found that it means going to the countryside in order to recover health. It seems that the phrase is not used these days. But it was used in the past. This example shows that we are likely to think that we understand English well when in fact we misunderstand it.

Therefore, it is necessary both to consult the dictionary or the grammar book and to point out other students' mistakes. The consultation will reveal to us that there has been still a distance between you and English. The indication will show us that even experts can sometimes think there are no barriers where there is one. They can bring back to you the pleasure of learning English that you felt when you were a beginner.