Life Is Very Difficult

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After a funeral (239 words / 24 sentences)

Weeping is a common way to express the emotions when someone has died. There was a funeral yesterday. I saw some of the mourners weeping bitter tears. I wondered why they were weeping. They may have been sad to realize that they can no longer see or talk with the dead man. They may have been sad to know that they were also mortal. They may have been dismayed to see an intimate man dead. I shared none of these possible feelings. I didn't weep a drop of tear.

Why I didn't have the same feelings as theirs? Because I don't know yet how to interpret death. I don't know the meaning of death. Some of relatives died already. The first of them was my grandfather. When he died, I was ten. His death meant to me that I could no longer go fishing with him, which we used to do when I went to the grandparents' house. The second was my grandmother. Her death meant to me that she had finally completed her life. It was something to be celebrated. Next was my father. When he died, his death meant to me that the pillar that had been supporting my life collapsed suddenly. Thus I believe for now that deaths may have various meanings. But philosophers seek for the universal meaning of death which is applicable to all the cases of death. Of that I am not sure.