Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

The ivory tower

Philosophy is often thought to be too difficult for ordinary people to understand. Almost every time I talk to them about what I have been studying, they say, “Sugoi” in Japanese. This Japanese word may usually be translated as “Great” but in this case, I judge it more accurate to translate it as “Awesome.” For their face and their voice tone express a kind of fear as well as respect.

But philosophy is not always something to be avoided, although it seems such at first sight. It is true that a lot of philosophers tackle with questions which seem remote from the ordinary life, such as “What is being?” “What is knowledge?” and so on. However, they can be applied to our daily life. There is even a philosopher who argues that inapplicable philosophy is meaningless. Though the question  I have been working is “What are the philosophical assumptions underlying the works of such and such a clinical psychologist?” it is connected to another question: “What should we say to friends who are out of spirits?” Philosophy is not always something which only the academics in the ivory tower can enjoy.