Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.


There was a somewhat surprising thing last week. A professor asked the class if there were any students who used Siri. None of them raised their hand. I am the TA of the class, and because I sometimes talk to Siri, I was about to raise my hand. But I didn't do so because Siri was regarded at that time as a toy to play with. The professor, seeing that nobody used it, went on to say that he saw no point in talking to an AI and that his daughter likes to talk with it. According to him, she uses rude words when she is talking with Siri, which is an interesting fact. 

I think of Siri as a function that enables me to do things more efficiently, not someone to talk to or a toy to kill time with. When I am doing my hair in the morning, I often want to know what the weather is like. But as I am using both of my hands, I cannot open the weather app on my iPhone with my hand. So, I talk to Siri and ask her (I set the voice to female) about the weather. I had thought that everyone used it this way.