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I don't recommend extensive reading to beginners in English (part2)

What is the proper way to perform extensive reading? First, you need to be able to understand an English sentence from a grammatical point of view beforehand. English is a peculiar language in that an English sentence can be understood even when you don't understand it grammatically, provided you know the meanings of the words which comprise it. So, you can "understand" an English sentence by combining the meanings of its words without any attention to its grammatical structure. But this way of reading is not reliable and it often turns out that all that you do is to fool yourself into thinking that you understand it. Let me give you an example. There is a man who translated an English phrase "the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt and steer itself in a new direction" in the following article:

ING’s agile transformation | McKinsey & Company

He translated it as if it were "the ability of an organization which rapidly adapts and steers itself in a new direction." But this phrase should be understood as "an organization's ability to adapt and steer itself in a new direction." His translation doesn't clarify what kind of ability the speaker is referring to. This mistranslation is due to a misunderstanding of the infinitive. Grammatical misunderstanding is the cause of it. If you engage yourself in extensive reading without the ability to understand English sentences grammatically, this reading habit will be more and more ingrained, until it is virtually impossible to break yourself of it.