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I don’t recommend extensive reading to beginners in English(part1)

Extensive reading has been popular among English students in Japan recently. I am concerned about the way it is recommended. Although it has both positive sides and negative sides, its recommenders talk as if it were unconditionally good. True, when it is done properly, it does you enormous good. I myself did it in the past. For example, in 2016 I read about 4,000 pages in English. Thanks to this extensive reading I am now accustomed to the way an English text is typically structured and I can spend longer hours reading English.  But when it is done in the wrong way, I believe it will do you more harm than good, and to make matters worse, you might never notice it when you are doing it wrong. So it is likely that you are confident about your comprehension skills of English after a period of extensive reading, when in fact they are distorted and based on a misplaced confidence. 

So, what is the proper way to perform the extensive reading? I will write about it in another article.