Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

Misery of life

Do you know the myth of Sisyphus? Sisyphus is a man who is ordered to push up a heavy rock to the top of a mountain. The rock is so heavy that it always falls down to the ground whenever he comes close to the top. Sisyphus has to do it all over again, only to have the rock rolling down again. It is his never-ending punishment.

I feel like a Sisyphus these days. It is because of an app called todoist. It helps me manage daily tasks and tells me how many tasks are left.   It helps me a lot. My productivity has soared since the day I began to use it. However, every single day it notifies me of the number of tasks that I have to do. This is never-ending. It has already begun to weary me. 

But a French philosopher, Albert Camus, says that one must imagine Sisyphus happy. Am I happy? I don’t know.