Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

We've got something golden.


Golden Week is always gone before I know. 

Last year during Golden Week, I took no days off. A professor gave the class a reading assignment. He told us to read through The structure of scientific revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. It was about 260 pages long. I had to read it in five days of Golden Week. It was a demanding task, but I got through it, only to find that none of the other students in the class read the original English version of it (they read the Japanese version, which is notorious for bad translation) and what was worse, they didn't even read through it. All they did was to read a part of it. The professor didn't get angry or grumble. He seemed even to have expected this to happen. He said, "It seems that you have an excellent reading skill of English." I smiled an awkward smile. "I don't. I thought I must do it because you had told me to," I only said to myself.  

This year during the Golden Week, I had no reading assignments. But I had a lot of lessons at the cram school. Some students didn't do what I had assigned to them with their consent. I did everything that was needed to prepare for their lessons. Some staff members didn't do what they were supposed to have done. I did it for them when I was not supposed to be at work.

Yes. We've got something golden. They have the boldness to skip their tasks. I have the timidity which forces me to do my tasks. Golden Week only comes to those with such a boldness.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions:50th Anniversary Edition

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions:50th Anniversary Edition