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How to keep posting an English article every day

I have managed to write an English article a day since I launched this blog. I have written about twenty articles so far. I would like to talk about just one tip that I believe might help you if you want to keep posting an article every day in English.

The tip is this: convince yourself that it doesn't matter whether your article is valuable or not. Skim through the blogs that are kept going in this Hatena Blog. Almost all of the writers talk nonsense. All they do is to express an opinion, without any reasoning, any evidence or any relevant examples. Then, if you do not mind it, look over my articles. They are a bunch of nonsense, too. I have something to write, write it in English, and post it, without so much as paying attention to its logic or its structure. It is OK, for what is important in keeping a blog in English is to carry on with it. So bear in mind that how valuable an article you write is not important as long as you keep your blog going. You write what you write and it is fine.

What then, you may ask, is the point of a Japanese writing nonsense in Japanese? That is a question I cannot deal with here because, as far as I can see, I see no point in it.