Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

A prisoner of context

There is a school of psychotherapy called behaviorism. It has now such a diversity that some might ask whether it would be misleading to regard it as one coherent school. However, it can safely be said that it originally stated that whatever we do was governed by the environment we find ourselves in. Some rejected this assumption, thinking that if it were true, there would be no room for human freedom and that it is absurd.

Personally, I am not entirely at variance with the behaviourists. I began to utilise a rental study room recently. It was because I had been concerned about my laziness. I could not concentrate on study. I would often go and lie in bed when I was supposed to be at my desk, and  shortly fall asleep. Then, I watched a video on YouTube telling me tips for concentration.

Focus & Concentration: Crash Course Study Skills #5 - YouTube

It was said that if you want to stay focused on your work it is advisable to find a place where you do nothing but work. By so doing, you will create a context for yourself which enables you to focus on your work. This is how I decided to use a rental study room. And it works. It is true I sometimes feel sleepy but I do so only for some minutes. I don’t go and lie in bed, because there is no bed at all. I am sure that since I began using it the hours I spend studying have increased markedly. This kind of experience almost convinces me that we are each of us a prisoner of context.