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Problems about the teaching on a one-on-one basis (part 1) 個別指導にまつわる問題(その1)

It is often said that in Japan, cram schools on a one-on-one basis have been gaining popularity lately. I think this tendency is agreeable. But at the same time, I have been worried about it. As a teacher for this kind of cram school, I have seen a lot of troubles. So I want to explain them so that the students can make the most of the school and avoid the troubles.


The first problem I want to talk about here is about teachers who believe themselves to be omnipotent, that is, capable of teaching almost any subject. In a situation where one teacher is responsible for one student, the teacher is sometimes too eager to be helpful for the student. As a result, the teacher can begin to teach those subjects for which he or she is not qualified by the school. A math teacher can start teaching English, even though the teacher is not allowed to do so. This may seem unbelievable, but it can and did happen. The situation makes it possible, for it is only the student in front of you that you need to convince that you can teach such-and-such a subject. So if you or your child is a student of a cram school on a one-on-one basis, and if the teacher wants to teach multiple subjects, beware. As far as my experience is concerned, there are very few teachers who can teach multiple subjects competently.