Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

Non-native speakers

There are two things that I cannot understand about English learning. One is concerned with some online services for those who want to speak English fluently. Judging from their advertisements and their reviews, not a few of the teachers are non-native speakers. Is it worthwhile to take their lessons? The other thing is concerned with what is called meigen in Japanese. Its English counterpart would be "maxim".  There seem to be not a few students who like to study English using English maxims, such as by learning them by heart. While I admit that it is a good way to learn English, there is one thing about them that I cannot approve of: of the maxims they use, some are written by writers from non-English speaking countries. They were originally put down in another language and later, they were translated into English. However, if each language has its own rhythm and melody and if learning a foreign language is learning them, there is no denying that such maxims are not preferable.

I have often thought about these two things recently. Considering the grounds on which I criticize them, I am also in favour of what might be called "linguistic native supremacism." But I will write about it next time.