Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

I, I think I’d rather not.

The other day, while I was walking in a city, I saw a group of foreigners. One of them carried a large video camera. Another was dressed in a blue suit and had a microphone. They appeared to be a TV crew that was looking for someone to interview. I became anxious the moment I saw them. What if they asked me to have an interview with them? I considered what to say in order to decline the request. Then, there occurred to me a phrase “I, I think I’d rather not.”

It is a remark by a character in a novel. The character’s name is Scrooge and the novel is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I have its audio CD, read by Jeffery Palmer. He reads it so vividly that I will never get tired of listening to it and in fact, I listen to it every day. I think it was this routine that enabled me to come up with the phrase useful in the situation I was in at that time. However, as a matter of fact, the TV crew never spoke to me and I enjoyed my own company.