Life Is Very Difficult

May honest folk proper.

A case of failure

I cannot compose my thought properly today. I believe it is not because I am tired or because I am hungry. There are at least two causes, it seems. One is the language in which I think. Hiromatsu Wataru, a Japanese legendary philosopher, is said to have thought in German. He was so immersed in German philosophy. But another divine ability that he was possessed of was the ability to put down his thought in clear Japanese. In contrast, I think in Japanese but I have only a poor ability to put my thought into English. So much so, that when I have done so one way or another, the thought expressed in English seems different from that expressed in Japanese. This leads me to the second cause: I don't think about things sufficiently clearly to put it into English. Well, you are now a witness to my inability, for I am now in trouble explaining what I meant by the previous sentence. I don't even know why I wrote "This leads me to the second cause." because now there seems to be no connection between the two causes at all.