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Why a messy room means a messy mind

I often hear it said that your room is the mirror of your mind. If your room is neat and tidy, it means your mind is orderly. If, on the other hand, your room is messy, then your mind is troubled. Every time I heard it, I wonder why it is that the room reflects the mind.  No more implausible explanation about it has ever been provided than that mind is in control of the body so that when it is in trouble, it cannot handle the body well. For if the mind is the controller of the body, it must be free at least to some extent from the physical world. As a result, the behaviour doesn't always reflect the mind. In short, your room can be messy even when you have a sound mind. In this way, the conception of mind as a controller of the body doesn't work. Rather, I propose to view it as Ryle does in his book "The concept of mind." He states that mind is not the immaterial substance but the behavioural tendency. If he is right in saying it, a messy mind means a tendency to act disorganized manner. Therefore, provided that it is you alone that takes care of your room, a disorganized room means a messy mind.